Organic SEO

D1MA offers results-driven SEO campaigns that are designed around your website’s needs based on your niche. When you use our services we review your on-site and off-site optimization strategies as well as your current link development and identify the best way to optimize it for the search engines. We keep you in the loop during every phase of the campaign by sending you reports and offering you the opportunity to play a supplemental role in the process.

Thanks to our many years of experience as well as our previous successes, you can be sure that you will be receiving the absolute best service on the internet. Together we will get your website increased traffic, and ultimately, increased conversions!

Here’s What To Expect From Our Analysis:

During our initial consultation we will outline the process and the time-line for your campaign.

We will then provide you with a detailed report that outlines any important issues that may be negatively affecting your website’s performance in the search rankings, including:
• Important on-site / on-page optimization problems (e.g. meta tags, including keyword, title and alt tags; content hierarchy and your internal cross-linking / linking structure.)
• Full keyword analysis, including reports on your competition, your current rankings, as well as any untapped keywords that have not yet been utilized.
• A detailed run-down of your current links, their effectiveness, and link popularity. Dead links are also highlighted.
• An analysis of your textual content that will be analyzed for uniqueness, theme-matching and phrase density.
• Your website’s URL structure, use of “query strings” and redirects, canonical URL’s and so on.
• Analysis of any additional website attributes including forums, guest books, blogs, “content management systems,” and RSS feeds.
• Detailed advice on how to dramatically improve all SEO factors across your website, for stronger search engine rankings as well as more relevant, on-target visitors that will ultimately improve your conversions.