Link Development

Each month we accumulate thousands of links for our various clients. All of our links carry specific strengths and through the years we know what links work best for what. For example, branding links are used to develop awareness, while relevant anchor text links are utilized to climb the SERP’s. In each case, the linking campaigns we use are ALWAYS white-hat, meaning we NEVER spam!

Targeted Link Building

The best link development method is called “targeted link building.” This is a rather intensive approach that makes use of various web technologies. By “spidering” the web for only the most relevant, highest grade link partnerships, you exponentially increase your “link juice” and make it nearly impossible for your competitors to keep up. An added plus to these types of links is that in addition to their “voting power,” you also gain direct traffic from the sources of the links.

Viral Marketing

The potential for traffic through viral marketing is incredible. With our prior experience in generating hundreds of “Reddit” and “Digg” front-pagers, we know how to put together the kind of viral content that spreads like wildfire. This special method of link building is often known as “link bait,” and is an extremely powerful way of building massive numbers of natural links from all corners of the web.

Semantic Link Building

This is a relatively new technique in search engine marketing where we connect your content with a quality network of webmasters/authors who are interested in sharing and republishing your content. This allows us to inconspicuously put you and your business in front of more people and gain more links for your website.

Custom Strategies

We can create custom strategies for you that, when correctly implemented, will give your website many high quality links or “votes.” Such custom approaches may range from simple Press Release campaigns to more complex methods such as the proprietary development of useful tools or “widgets.”

Disclaimer: With link development, there is an inherent risk should the proper approach not be taken. Each and every website will carry with it a unique link profile. Here at D1MA we are experts in balancing the effectiveness of the campaign with the necessary steps to mitigate the risk. We offer a comprehensive analysis to match the best strategies with your available budget for maximum results.