Split Testing

There are many aspects that affect the success of your website. From the visual (colors, layout, images) to the content (headlines, call-to-action, guarantee etc) and also the path or steps to conversion (the conversion funnel).

Conversion optimization is all about testing and measuring new and varied ways of marketing to your visitors on any given web page. With a clearly defined goal, such as filling out a form, signing up to your newsletter, or downloading a document, we can compare the efficacy of the different approaches for motivating future action from your visitors.

At D1MA, our preferred tool for tracking and testing these elements is Google’s Web Site Optimizer (GWO). This is a feature rich tool capable of performing both A/B Split testing and Multi-variant testing, and uses clever algorithms to calculate on-the-fly the “projected winner” of the test (sometimes up to 95% accuracy). This is a smart and clever tool indeed!

In the conversion process, we also make use of Google Analytics to bolster the efforts of the GWO. Sometimes the goal on a test may not be to measure sales, but a different action, such as whether or not a visitor engages with your call to action. In this regard, GA can pick up these nuances where GWO might not, and gives us the specific metrics needed to make an informed decision on any given test. With all these platforms combined we can get a crystal clear picture on how to improve the conversions and performance of your website.