Paid Search

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is just as it sounds. By paying for each click that the search engines send your website you can get immediate traffic without all the SEO. The biggest providers of PPC include Google, Bing, and Facebook. Each of these platforms allows advertisers to either rent ad units, or directly pay for clicks that are sent to them. When used correctly, paid advertising is an effective marketing strategy that can send you traffic the very same day you set it up.

Here at D1MA we are experts in the following providers:

Google AdWords – Search and display networks
MSN adCenter – Search and display networks

Done correctly, paid search can add huge volumes of traffic to your business. At D1MA, we pride ourselves on creating successful PPC campaigns that yield the absolute highest possible ROI. We will work with you to identify the exact needs and goals of your campaign, and implement a PPC campaign that will be in the strictest alignment with your goals, budget, and company image.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of paid search is the speed. Organic rankings take time to develop, but with PPC you can receive traffic the very same day your campaign is created

Some of the many advantages of paid search Include:

-Fast turnaround time. Just “turn on” the traffic when you want it, and turn it off when you don’t.
-You can easily measure your ROI, allowing you to account for each cent spent.
-Great Ad Copy Versatility — You can change or rotate different ads easily, which allows you to split test different approaches on-the-fly.
-Unrivaled reach — Tap into as much as 95% of search traffic.
-Always On-Target Relevance – With paid search, your ad will only show when you want it to; whenever your product or service is searched for.
-Exact Location Targeting – You can have your ads displayed in specific locations only, country-wide or worldwide. It’s your choice.

On paper, paid search is very simple to understand. In practice however, it is a complex system that requires years of trial and error to finally master. Our specialized team of paid-search experts has many years of experience in all areas of paid search marketing, including Google, Yahoo and MSN. We also receive up to date certifications from the major search engines and keep up with the latest advancements in PPC (that are in a perpetual state of flux) by attending special conferences, and following industry news in the world of search engine marketing. In the end, we help you stay one step ahead of your competition so that searches will click on YOUR links while you still pay less than the ads around you.