Off Page SEO Analysis

The most important factor to win the race to the top of the search engines is off page SEO. It’s not what you say, but what OTHERS say about you that matters most. Search engines consider links back to your website as “votes.” The more votes you have, the better your site must be, at least in the perception of Google and other major search engines.

Needless to say, off page SEO can be risky and costly. Fly-by-night SEO companies can get you BANNED with “black hat” SEO techniques and by implementing your campaign too quickly. That’s why we strongly recommend using a trusted service with a great reputation for your link building efforts. Remember, your business is riding on it.

Off Page SEO Analysis

Here is how we stand alone in the field of SEO. By gathering, sorting and processing data from an extensive range of link sources, we create practical and actionable strategies (using our proprietary algorithms) to accelerate your results.

Among the many factors we consider when creating the ideal link campaign, we cover the following;

Anchor Text Diversity

After gathering all the relevant data of unique links, originating link domains, PageRank (PR) with anchor texts, we are able to identify any and all inadequacies, as well as the common problem of an over optimized campaign which is vulnerable to penalties.

Domain Anchor Text Competition Levels

Using MozRank, we take both the exact and broad match data passed internally and externally throughout your competitors and identify the optimal places to focus our efforts. Using this method we are able to make exact assessments of the total number and quality of links required to rank.

Historical Link Growth

Here’s another component that many SEO companies miss; the historical growth of links. By studying link data over time, it is possible to determine the ideal rate to pace a campaign that out-ranks your competitors in the most efficient time (and budget) possible.