Google AdWords

By far the most well known advertising platform is Google Adwords. Google has become a household name all over the world, and consequently they can deliver huge levels of traffic at extremely competitive rates. Within minutes of creating your campaign your ad will go live and Google will begin sending targeted traffic.

The process is quite simple- Advertisers choose the keywords that they wish their ads to be displayed for. Based on how much they are willing to bid, their ad will show up within a certain hierarchy among their competitors ads (the higher the bid the higher up the column they will be placed…usually). By knowing the value of a sale or a lead, advertisers can adjust the amount they need to spend to remain profitable.

In addition to showing your ads across the Google search engines (e.g advertisers may also choose for their ads to show on Google partner sites such as AOL, and Netscape.

Adwords has evolved significantly over the years to cater to the constantly changing online environment. The interface has grown exponentially as well, offering advanced options such as geo-targeting and “day-part” bidding.

Users can now integrate their campaigns with other Google services such as Google Checkout, Analytics, and Google Base. The learning curve for Adwords has never been as steep as it is now, taking the uninitiated a considerable amount of time and patience to use it with any efficacy. That’s why we have become of the go-to services for effective Adwords campaigns. We have been there from the beginning and know exactly how to get our clients the most action out of every single one of their advertising dollars.

If you’re interested to see what adwords can do for your traffic feel free to contact us today. We have all the tools necessary to get your business a continuous stream of visitors through Google. Alternatively, if you already have an account with Adwords, we also provide account optimization services. Contact us today.