Click Stream Data

Imagine if every visitor to your website left a story. Well, in a way they do! By using the latest technology it is possible to understand your visitor’s intentions, desires, actions, and frustrations with your interface. Each and every day these “stories” are being written across your website, and if you can understand them you can dramatically improve the experience for your visitors as well as your conversions.

At D1MA, we have years of hands-on experience in reading the patterns found in visitor’s data. Through this information we know how to spot what is working and what is not, how your visitors are finding you, and how effective your pages actually are. Contrary to what your competition thinks, it’s entirely possible to understand the paths your visitors are taking through your site. This includes where they come in from, where they go first, and finally, where they leave. This analysis shows us all the sticking points and “hot spots” on your website, and clearly reveals the steps you should take to better increase your conversions.