Web Development

While getting visitors to your site is important it’s only the first step. Each and every website visitor presents an opportunity to either sell your product or service, build your newsletter list, or spread your targeted message. Here at D1MA we excel at creating web pages that fully engage your visitors and motivate them to carry out the exact steps you want them to take.

In order to achieve this goal we implement a wide variety of special services including:

Landing Page Optimization

From the moment a visitor first lands on your website you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. No matter how great your headline, sales copy, images, or videos are, if you fail to compel the visitor your offering will go unnoticed.

Our years of experience in usability research and design mean we know what is required to retain your visitors for longer so they can eventually land on your payment page. Our services include:

Content Management

The classic saying, “content is king” is still very true. Regularly updated quality content is the key to being seen as a trusted authority in the eyes of your visitors as well as the search engines.

Even in today’s world of “simplified web design” platforms, it’s still necessary to be able to write code such as HTML or PHP. Naturally this presents barriers to those who have little interest in web design but still want to share their product or service with the world.

To solve this problem, we have a dedicated team of web development specialists who can install and maintain a wide variety of content management systems onto your website. We do all the backend grunt work so you can concentrate on those avenues that interest you most.

E-Commerce Site Development

The number and variety of e-commerce platforms in use today is mind boggling. Fortunately we have worked with most of the leading platforms currently on the market and we intimately understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual interface. With our extended experience we can determine the right option for your website and develop an end solution that perfectly matches your needs.

Site Design and Branding

Unfortunately, web design is not a universal one-size-fits-all paradigm. That’s why we go to great lengths to figure out what separates your website from your competition and develop an interface that will speak to those differences. We can either work with already established brands, or create all-new brands with your creative ideas and guidance.

On-Page SEO Implementation

After receiving our on-page SEO report and recommendations you may find that your page titles, meta tags, and keyword density are all lacking. This is a common problem, but with our years of experience we will get your website primed in the shortest, most cost effective way possible.