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Free Website Consultation

Are you looking to take your business online or are you looking to further enhance your current website so it can actually become an asset instead of an expense?

We believe that no two situations are the same which is why we always approach each website as if it were our own pet project.  If you are interested in a Free Website Consultation and are considering starting, modifying or scaling your business’s marketing campaign then call our main line and one of our specialized website consultation experts will make sure to help you to our best abilities.

Website Consultation Expectations

We believe no stone should be left unturned prior to us being able to formulate a successful consultation for your website or marketing strategy. This is why all of our Free Website Consultation calls come with a comprehensive website and market analysis report, consisting of 65+ pages, analyzing your website and your top 10 competitors. By looking at over 165 factors on each website we will identify and prepare a website consultation outlining these differences and why you are being outranked. Most importantly our free website consultation lets you know about the areas of your website that deserve immediate attention and those that can be attended at a later time.

Free Website Consultation Checklist

  1. Think about your core service or a term you would like to rank for within the search engine result pages.
  2. Identify if the current website structure is worth while modifying or if an alternative platform is a better idea. (While band-aid solutions may resolve immediate issues our website consultation will analyze the estimated efforts required to apply the small fixes versus updating the platform. In most cases a platform upgrade proves to be extremely beneficial and cost effective.) If you do not have a website consider something as basic as a starting point that will scale nicely alongside your business.
  3. Consider what types of marketing you are interested in, depending on your initial monthly budget we may recommend alternative venues combinations in our free website consultation report to ensure a higher return on investment.
  4. After speaking with a website consultation expert you will be given an estimate on when you can expect your Free Website Consultation report to arrive. Once you get it take a couple minutes to familiarize yourself with the contents.
  5. During your website consultation follow up call make sure you have your free website consultation report, we will go over all of the sections and provide you with recommendations that you can do yourself or have your web team implement.
Free Website Consultation Myths
  1. All reports are the same. Truth is, as craftsman of optimization we consider everything important, going out of our way to ensure our Free Website Consultation report is absolutely the best in the industry despite it taking us a considerate time longer to compile.
  2. Comparing apples to apples. Make sure to ask how certain figures were calculated and what formulas were used, and why. Not only will this explain what you are looking at, allowing for proper comparison, but it will also shed light on the knowledge of your website consultation expert.
  3. There’s no need to talk to a website consultation expert. Website consultations are always a two way conversation, you should never be left alone to decipher the data within your free website consultation report.